Wooden Gates

wooden gates

There are no two identical wooden gates and this is because of the source of the wood or the species of wood used and there are varieties of choices to be made when considering the specific type of wood you need. Also, it’s easier to find a wooden gate to suit the aesthetic of any property and it’s simple to modify the color or finishing of any wooden gate to match any changes done to the exterior decor of your property change over time. It doesn’t matter the purpose for which you need the wooden gate or where you need your wooden gate installed, your needs will always be met.

Wooden gates can be modeled to fit into openings of any shape, dimension or size, and can be custom built specifically to enhance security, maintain privacy and to create an attractive, professional appearance all at the same time.

Different gates are better suited to different roles, but it’s easy to find a fitting fence for any area of your property, including driveways, side entrances and large front entrances for industrial premises. Just discuss your specific needs with your wooden gate installers, and you’ll soon have a wooden gate suited to provide efficient functionality no matter its location.

It might be surprising to know that wooden gates are very much capable of providing adequate security for your business and private property. A few factors are to be considered when choosing security purposes such as the type of wood; hardwoods should be chosen over softwoods, while height, locking systems, and reinforcement will also have an impact. Wooden security gates can provide ample security from opportunistic crime, as they create a sturdy barrier which is not only tough to break down but also acts as a strong deterrent.

A wooden gate is also very effective for protection of the exterior of your business premises, which is particularly important if you happen to store equipment outside, or need extra protection for side or back entrance doors to your property.

The advantage of wooden gates over other types of gates is the ability of wooden gates to neatly plug gaps between walls, so if there is a clear view into your property, either from the side, back or front, a wooden gate can be installed to close-up the perimeter of the building without looking at all unsightly.

Furthermore, wooden gates are by far the most cost-effective gate solution you can find. Timber is generally cheaper than metal, and while wooden gates may take some general maintenance over time, they will last for many years without trouble.